Programme/Project Description

The Regional Centre Complex will involve construction of a high-rise office block. The Office Block Building shall comprise of at least three-basement level parking, two mezzanine commercial levels, and a twenty five-floor Office tower. These shall be conceptualized and detailed by the Consultant.
The complex will house a regional resource center for a one-stop shop for the regions’ integrated development plans, international conference facilities and stakeholders’ forums for coordinated planning and development. It will also provide the linkage between the regional (county) and national planning.
The Complex will also provide rentable space for income generation on a commercial basis.

Project Goal/ Objectives

The main objective of the project is to develop a Regional Resource Centre Complex to provide the Authority with:

  • A Modern Headquarters for the two river basins’ integrated Planning, Resource and Coordination Centre for the vast region covering an area of over 138,000 km2
  • A Regional Resource Center which will among other things; Create a pleasant learning environment; Provide a range of information services, contain a relevant up to date and easily accessible library of resource materials; encourage people to use the information at the center and help users to access information from other relevant resource center(s).
  • A Reliable Revenue Stream Base to supplement and sustain the Authority’s operations and reduce reliance on the Exchequer.
  • Improve work environment and ease the accessibility challenge.

Description of the Upper Hill Plot

The TARDA Plot measures 0.672 Ha (1.7 acres) and is located off Mara Road in the Upper Hill Area next to Kaparo Place. The plot number is 209/10593. The land tenure is for a leasehold term of 99 years from 1986.

The Plot is bordered on three sides by developed properties, while the fourth border facing the road is fenced in chain link on concrete poles with a steel gate.

Location of the Project Site

The proposed project site is located to the western side of the Nairobi CBD in the upper hill area. It is located off Mara Road approximately five minutes drive from the city center. Access to the plot from Mara road is through a paved side-road in front of the Commercial Bank of Africa.