The strategic planning process adopted a consultative approach where stakeholders were consulted widely. A facilitator was brought on board to guide the strategic planning team in reviewing pertinent documents including 2008/13 Strategic Plan, TARDA Act (both current and draft bill), IRDP, Ministry of Regional Development Authority’s 2008/13 Strategic Plan, the Vision 2030, 1st and 2nd MTEF; among others.

A cross section of community representatives, staff and other stakeholders were interviewed to determine their perception on the micro and macro environment that the Authority was operating in. This culminated to the preparation of an inception report. Subsequently, a number of workshops were held with senior management, members of the board and other key stakeholders, where objectives and strategies were formulated.

The operating environment was analysed using three tools; PESTEL, SWOT and Stakeholders Analysis. Threats and weaknesses identified were used to formulate mitigating strategies while strengths and opportunities led to the formulation of leveraging strategies. In addition, suggestions were made for the review of the Vision and Mission statements as well as clarification of the definitions of core values.

This plan has been formulated using the Balanced Scorecard approach, which is a planning and performance management tool.The balanced scorecard views the organization from four perspectives; Learning & Growth, Internal Processes, Customer and Financial. These four perspective form the strategic themes of this plan.