Project Description

The Tana River Delta and flood plain is estimated to comprise 200,000 Ha of land. Out of the 200,000 ha available, 100,000 Ha is considered suitable for commercial exploitation while the local communities reserve the remainder for conservation and use.

The project is planned and dovetailed towards achieving the national development goals and in particular with respect to food security.

The Tana Delta Irrigation Project (TDIP) is located in Garsen Division, 110 km north of Malindi, Tana Delta District, and Coast Province. The project area lies on the left bank of the river Tana from Sailoni in the north, where the TDIP intake is constructed. This is a rice scheme of 1800 Ha expandable to 4000 Ha.

Project Goal or Objectives

  • Food security
  • Create employment and generate incomes for the local communities.
  • To generate revenue from sale of the produce in the local and export market.
  • Reduce the rice import gap thereby saving on foreign exchange.

Project Purpose

The major objective of the project was to open up the delta area to farming.

Project Benefits

  • Provision of employment opportunities
  • Efficient utilization of land and water resources.
  • Food reliance

Key Outputs

  • The project is capable of producing 24,000 tonnes of white rice under a double cropping program per year.
tana delta irrigation