Programme/Project Description

The project is 170ha of which 51ha has been developed to date comprising of 4.5ha drip irrigation system for grapes and 7.5ha under vegetables and tree crops. Mini sprinklers system covers mangoes 3ha and citrus 4.75ha.The total area under bananas is 10 ha Overhead irrigation system covering 28.75ha is used mainly for vegetables production for both local and export market such as tomato, baby corn, brinjals and karella.

Project Goal/ Objectives

  • To gather technical data for the planned greater Kibwezi irrigation project estimated at 15,000ha
  • To create employment.
  • To generate revenue for the Authority from sale of the produce in the local and export market.

Project Purpose

To fill the food deficient gap and to disseminate modern agricultural technologies to the neighborhood.

Key Outputs

  • Production of grapes, citrus, bananas, tomatoes, brinjals, babycorn, karella and mangoes.

Project Benefits

  • Provide incomes to smallholder farmers
  • CEfficient utilization of land and water resources.
  • Provision of employment opportunities.