Programme/Project Description

The farm area on irrigation is 150ha, which comprises of 60ha overhead and 90ha under drip irrigation. The farm draws water from Kiambere reservoir with three installed identical pumping units. Two pumps work simultaneously with capacity to deliver 400 cubic meters against 130 metres total head while one is on standby.

Project Goal/ Objectives

  • To generate foreign exchange through sales of horticultural produce.
  • Creation of employment opportunities for rapidly growing population and hence improve the living standards in the area on sustainable basis.
  • Contribution to growth to the agricultural industry and related activities in the area.

Project Purpose

To promote irrigated agriculture and technology transfer on high yielding crops suitable for the ASAL communities.

Key Outputs

  • Area under crop production of horticultural crops for sale and income generation.
  • Dissemination of technical skills on dry land irrigation to the farmers.
  • Production of high quality seeds

Project Benefits

  • Extension services for increased food production
  • Creating employment Opportunities as part of the Vision 2030
  • Technology transfer through the provision of good quality seed/planting materials to farmers thus addressing food security.