Programme/Project Description

Emali Livestock Multiplication Project undertakes multiplication of improved dairy cattle production of Ayrshire, Friesian, Sahiwal cattle and their crosses and dorper sheep within some 659 Hectares of range land.

Cattle’s breeding is through artificial inseminations using semen from Central Artificial Insemination Station (C.A.I.S.) – Kabete. Bull calves are sold to interested farmers to improve their herds and the milk produced is sold in Emali Market to sustain the project.

Project Goal/ Objectives

  • To promote development of livestock industry in the basins
  • To make available superior and desired breeding stock to the farmers at reasonable prices.
  • To impart better livestock management skills to farmers.
  • To increase (milk production) yields within for the Authority hence earn revenue.

Project Purpose

To bridge the gap existing between supply and demand of high quality breeding stock and to contribute to the implementation of government policies as stipulated in Session Paper 1 of 1986- Economic Management for Renewal Growth, ERS (2003-2007) and Kenya’s Vision 2030.

Project Activities

  • Breeding and rearing of dairy cattle
  • Extension services.
  • Folder and feed conservation

Key Outputs

  • Superior breeding stock (bulls, calves and rams) to farmers
  • Milk and milk products
  • Livestock production extension services to farmers.