2014/18 Strategic Objectives

The strategic objectives have been developed guided by the four perspectives of the Balanced Score Card and fall under four thematic areas:

  • Customers/ Stakeholders;
  • Internal Process,
  • Learning and Growth of People; and
  • Financial themes.

Customer Theme

  • Strategic Objective 1:To enhance quality of life through environmental stewardship and sustainable integrated management and development of the resources in the Tana and Athi River Basins.
  • Strategic Objective 2: To Plan, co-ordinate and monitor the utilization of natural resources within the Basins for sustainable development.
  • Strategic Objective 3: To Promote Basin- Based Resource Investments for Sustainable Development and Enhanced Livelihoods.
  • Strategic Objective 4: Develop a broad consultative and collaborative framework with the two levels of governments, development partners and other stakeholders.

Internal Proccesses Theme

  • Strategic Objective 5: To strengthen institutional capacity for service delivery.

Learning And Growth Theme

  • Strategic Objective 6: To attract, develop and retain an effective, motivated and efficient workforce.

Financial Theme

  • Strategic Objective 7: To achieve institutional financial sustainability.

Strategy Implementation and Monitoring

Implementation of this strategic plan largely depends on commitment of management, accountability and consistent leadership. Every activity in the organization should be aligned to a strategy. Sensitization of key stakeholders on the strategic direction of the organization, Intensive resource mobilization, risk management and diligent monitoring and evaluation, are key to successful implementation of the plan.